After the Elections

Firstly, I would like to thank the 232 people who voted for me in the recent local elections. I have been told by more experienced politicians that for a completely new candidate in a new party putting up for the first time in a completely new area this is quite a reasonable result.

A promise I always make is that a vote for me is not a wasted one. I am not a paper candidate, and never have been, and I shall be continuing the fight for proper democracy into the future. So my very best thanks to all of you who voted for me. As I have said before, I consider the policies of the Green Party to be fair, straight-forward, and down to earth, free of the 'spin' of the three big political parties. You can see me Go Green at:


While we are on political parties, haven't the crappy little red-top papers enjoyed the brief rise of Ukip? It does make you think much of the media is corrupt, considering the amount of publicity that Ukip got. I really think that any Ukip success in the polls was blown out of all proportion, with only around one third of the electorate voting. They won a lot of votes but relatively few seats. Are we to look upon Ukip as a party of clowns or a genuine political force? Personally I would not seriously consider them clowns, even if they give that impression occasionally. A lot of people used them as a vote of dissatisfaction with the current governing coalition; and a vote that said many voters did not want to be totally governed by a Federation of Europe which some think we are unwittingly marching into.

Some Clowns can be Dangerous:

When the Lib-Dems got elected to take control of Northampton Borough Council some years ago we tended to think of them as clowns, as they carelessly spent a prodigious amount of grants from the wasteful Labour Government of the time. But we found they were dangerous clowns, who put a lying spin on everything they did, and very soon devastated what was left of Northampton Market, moving all the stall-holders to the top of the marketplace so they could hold occasional ludicrous and noisy 'events' down in the bottom half. What a self-congratulating and self-satisfied crew they were, mad as March hares and drunk on the power of almost limitless government funding. Like great turkeys they gobbled importantly to each other, seemingly unaware of the nemesis that awaited them at the last borough council elections. The gobbling Lib-Dems are all gone now, but amongst local market traders their infamy will live forever.

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