Blair for President of the EU? You must be joking….

I see 'toxic Tony' Blair has been busy again recently, frantically jumping out of his box to try to stop us leaving the EU, as he has done many times in his desperate bids to curry favour with the EU Commission and become EU President.

A role he has coveted for years, right back to when Merkel and Co. blocked him out in 2007:

A cynical, calculating, and self-promoting politician, Blair badly wants to become President of the EU. This is a much bigger prize than being head of the Labour Party again, another role he generously offered himself for when he found that Corbyn was unpopular with the right-wingers in the party. Blair is one of yesterday's men who won't lie down, who think they are still relevant and very imporant on the world stage. Some get wheeled out to say a few words at times of national crisis; Blair crawls out on his own.

It's difficult to have any sympathy for Blair. He was a war-monger and loyal American President Bush follower. In his early days of power, in his first six years in office as British Prime Minister, he ordered British troops into combat five times; this is more than any other prime minister in the whole of British history. This included Iraq in 1998 and 2003, Kosovo in 1999, Sierra Leone in 2000, and Afghanistan in 2001. Quite a busy little lapdog for Bush, wasn't he? When America said 'Crap!', Blair said 'Where, Sir?'

He deliberately allowed into Britain a vast mass of economic immigrants, even searching for them in an attempt to better please British employers of all classes, whether in farming, transport, or manufacturing. Cheap labour flooded the market in the UK, and wages and standards of employment went down. Anyone who doubts this should read this quote from Peter Mandelson in 2013, talking about earlier days of Blair rule, when New Labour "Sent out search parties for immigrants". Good, eh? It's here if you want to check it out:

Blair is supposed to be on very good terms with his close friend European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, who beat Blair to the prize last time, and Blair is sucking up to him, and touring European leaders, in an attempt to get voted in as President for the next term. They may even have broadly hinted that he may get the job if he stops the UK from leaving the EU, who knows. Or they may be cynically using him for their own purposes; an anti-Brexit jack-in-the-box to rally the Remainers, to be discarded whatever happens. I certainly hope so. Blair as European Commission President would be insufferable.