He Who Dares Goes Skint

We're getting under way, with the last couple of weeks running into the county council elections already here, and I shall start decorating my stalls this week with posters and banners, and deck out the campaign barrow ready for the fray.

Posters and leaflets are going up and going out, and I'm moving into campaigning mode, with phone calls coming in, interviews to give, and photo-shoots to attend. Keep an eye open, I might be calling to your doorstep if you are in the Spencer Dallington area. It's costing a packet, all this electioneering - He Who Dares Goes Skint, as we say in the Fruit Trade!

Nationally I see that apart from the big three, Ukip are getting an undue amount of coverage for a small party. Can't see why, unless it's that they will certainly take some of the Tory vote. It isn't because of their Parliamentary prestige; they don't field a single UK MP at present. Unlike the Green Party, who at least have Caroline Lucas as a MP and a very competent speaker. Like most people I feel very disappointed by the present-day politicians of all the big parties. Locally and nationally most of them are bare-faced liars, and the public just doesn't trust them.

I must say I feel at home in the Green Party. It's not all about the environment, a great deal is about fairness and honesty in dealing with people, and standing up for the little local business, and not giving the nod to everything the big boys propose, like those leading the current top three parties do.

My old opponents Tesco have pulled out in the USA; they just didn't make the grade. Lost a mint of money, around £1.2Bn. Hard learning, that is: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-22179255 I see they are pulling out of building another 100 or so supermarkets in the UK too, as the market is declining. Not surprised really; they have so many stores in Northampton that they must be competing against themselves, and the picture must be the same elsewhere. Serves them right for being greedy: Greedy Tesco

While I'm on here, I'll take another stab at Labour, who intend keeping the Bedroom Tax, a disgrace if ever there was one: Labour Keep Bedroom Tax Kept quiet about this recently, haven't they, with feeble Keeble and a few Party Faithful even attending the first Bedroom Tax Protest at the Guildhall on Saturday 30th of March. Protesting at their own party policy, perhaps?

We have Ed Milliband on the one side shrinking away from saying anything definite that might brand him a leftie in the eyes of the crappy little daily papers, and the warmonger Blair on the other side saying Ed is already way too far left, and the Party needs to shift drastically to the right to keep its middle England vote. Blair is trying to work his way back in, with the help of a few dedicated Blairites in the top ranks. What a shambles! No clear policies, edge around anything definite, and veer enough to the right to try to attract a few Ukip voters. Nationally they have no chance, although they might just pinch one or two county seats from the Lib-Dems, who have sunk so low in the ratings that they're almost out of sight.

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