Last Throw of the Dice

Well, I've enjoyed my time in the Green Party, met some lovely local members, and learnt quite a bit more about their ideas and policies, most of which I generally agree with. But with the 2015 General Election looming on the horizon, I feel I must strike out on my own again and have another crack at being an MP. And that means setting up as an Independent, most likely for Northampton South.

You could call it a last throw of the dice, I suppose, as it's unlikely I would be indulging in politics after that. But you might have heard me say that before, too. I love the excitement of the event, the crack of the thing, it puts you on a high for awhile, without taking or smoking anything! Attending the election meetings, working up the publicity, all the campaigning, the daily support from customers, the dash down the final straight... Perhaps it's habit-forming.

This will probably be my last full year at work, too. Might tone it down to working part-time in future, after 50 years on the market doing 12 to 15-hour days, often 60 hours a week or more. Knocks you out as you get older, that does, and I shall be 64 next month, so high time to start taking it a bit easier.

So that's my thoughts for now; Gradually easing over from full to part time working by next year, and putting up as an Independent MP for Northampton South in the 2015 General Election. Can't wait to get started!

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