The EU Out or In Vote: The People against the Tory Establishment!

Back in 1975, when we had a trade agreement with the EU, I voted to stay in. But the world has changed since then, and the EU has changed immensely.

First as agreements, then as imposed regulations, often now as laws, the EU has insidiously taken control of much of our everyday world, binding trades and businesses alike with masses of red tape. Most of it imposed without any consultation with the end-users, often imposed by unelected plush-seated bureaucrats who seek to justify their own existence.

This is not what I and tens of millions of others voted for back in 1975. We voted for a trade agreement union of nations, not a bureaucracy ruled from Germany via Brussells.

To be honest, the trade part of the EU has been good, and it has generally helped all partners. But the agreements about other functions, which gradually over a period of time became imposed regulations and often laws in every member country, have been a disaster.

Concurrently with the above, there has been a 'dumbing down' of education, further education, and general adult education of the masses. People are told they must have 'qualifications' to be able to do this or that. Often these 'qualifications' are not worth the paper they are written on. But now people have to pay to get such qualifications, however dubious they are.

Under the EU, education has been turned into a profiteering business, often with a very poor end-product. So if you don't have the money in the first place you can't get the paper qualification you now need for that minimum-wage crap job you are offered.

At one time of course, you didn't need such 'qualifications', because you learnt a trade or business as you went along, or took an apprenticeship. In those days, a much better job was made than can usually be seen nowadays. All the paperwork in the EU does not make a good tradesman or a businessman. But paperwork and waffle are beloved of bureaucrats: they love to churn it out to give the impression they are doing something useful, cutting forests for paper-pulp in the process.

The Tory establishment has billions invested in the EU, and wants to stay there. With bankers like Goldman-Sachs behind them, they have the financial clout to almost enforce our staying in the EU, at whatever the cost to ordinary people.

Most people I speak to want out, and will readily tell you why. Many people feel we are under too much obligation from the EU to take in an infinite number of refugees; the EU is the easy road into the UK. But we already have our services at breaking-point, due to Tory cuts. However good-hearted we are, and however sorry we may feel for them, we just cannot keep taking in large numbers of people, whatever their origin. But now many of the newer EU countries are realising this too. They too do not want their sparse services overwhelmed with a huge intake of new people.

Whether we stay in or come out, I can see how the refugee crisis might break up the EU, if member countries defy orders from Brussells. If we leave, others will follow. If we stay, we shall see others leave anyway, and we shall be stuck for a period of several years at least, kow-towing to the EU and increasing regulation, until we are able to have another referendum.

Our local MPs will run with their own masters, of course, and try to tell us to vote to stay in. I see this as The People against the Tory Establishment. The EU has been good to the Tories, lining their pockets whilst putting ordinary Britons out of a job and onto the street. Real wages have fallen, and now people often have to work for 12 hours a day to get the same wages that they used to get for 8 hours a day. All this has happened under the auspices of the EU. So-called 'austerity' happened under the EU, remember. A manufactured austerity, which made the rich richer and the poor even poorer. There were no EU regulations to stop bankers gambling with our money back in 2007 - 2008, and there are none now. They make no regulations for those who rule, of course. In the EU, as in the US, the bankers and financiers gamble, and when they win they become even richer. But when they lose, the poor have to pay the debts of the bankers.