The Fitzy Charter

'The Fitzy Charter' by Andrew Starsmore.

Fitzy should be classified by English Heritage as the bedrock of the market community for generations, as well as that of the town of Northampton. People of Northampton have 'The Fitzy Charter'. For 570 years - sorry, 57 years, Fitzy has been a fruit & veg trader on Northampton Market providing a service that money cannot buy.

The loyalty of his regular customers is matched by his dedication to contend with whatever the seasons throw at him, and to make the candle utilised at both ends of the day. At an hour we consider to be in the afternoon Fitzy is already doing his collection from the Leicester wholesaler. This is when he puts his bartering skills into practice.

Fitzy has a depth of passion for serving the rich mixture of customers at prices and standards of quality that have served in excess of 2 million customers since starting at the age of 12. The starting point of his 'Adventure before dementia'. No such apprenticeships start from that age now; how indeed would you get them out of bed and away from their gaming? With his work ethic and being down-to-earth he has managed not only a business but his work-life balance as well. He even missed watching George Best play, even when he had a ticket to the game, to serve his customers.

Fitzy is a creature of habit, a voice from the wilderness to stand up for people when injustices arise from local authorities. He has stood up on the political scene as an Independent in the 2005 General Election and 2008 by-election, and again in the 2010 General Election. With being a fruit and vegetable seller, it is only fitting that he represented the Green Party as a candidate.

Fitzy has kept his eye on local issues such as the Egyptian statue of Sekhemka which was sold by Christies for £15M on behalf of the council, but not the people of Northampton, for which it had originally been gifted to the town in 1880. As with the 'Death of the Press' when the Chronicle & Echo daily closed, he has endevoured to be a supportive ear to the people of his beloved town. Fitzy is a born and bred fruit and veg trader of Northampton, an ambassador for the people, to serve them fresh five or more a day, as well as raising issues that may otherwise be left out of being questioned.