Toxic Tony

Politicians don't live in the real world. Look at Blair trying to intervene in the Labour Party - have the Tories come up with a plant?

Blair just can't lose his taste for the trappings of self-importance. What a fine Middle East Peace Envoy he made - there's far far more trouble out there now than ever before. He left the UK looking toxic to much of the Middle East after his invasion of Iraq - and hasn't made it look any better ever since.

From the time he first agreed to invade Iraq, there have been hundreds of thousands killed and millions displaced, and today the Middle East is worse than ever. We lost so many British youngsters too, sent over there for an illegal war.

Now it seems he is again offering his toxic services to the New Labour Party. This is just what they need to help lose the General Election in May: Toxic Tony! Blair has been intervening in Ed Milliband's campaign. He thinks Ed is left-wing because he's not quite so openly right-wing as Blair.

Mind you, New Labour is going nowhere under Milliband, that's true. Many people feel they can't be trusted after the bank crash under Gordon Brown, who sold us into the age of austerity by propping up the unregulated bankers with public money. Something we are still paying for today, and will be for the forseeable future.

So Joe Public is left wondering who to vote for, are any of them worth it?
Conservatives - More of the same punishment.
New Labour - More of the same punishment.
Lib-Dems - You must be joking!
UKIP - An unknown quantity; a bit worrying.
Greens - In the troubled garden the Greens are just starting to grow, but they won't be ready for some time...