Will It Work? As the Chron asks

Probably very badly. Northampton's new mini bus station opens on Sunday March 2nd. You can have a mooch around on the day before, Saturday the 1st, but only from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm though, so you'll need to look a bit sharpish.

Back to the 1950's...

As there are only 22 bays in the little new station, many people will have to wait for their buses in the rain and snow of the Drapery, just as they did 50 and 60 years ago. A Conservative political masterstroke of shooting yourself in the foot. I wouldn't be surprised to see buses lining up around the Market Square, if there isn't enough room in the Drapery, like they did on Sundays back in the 1950's.

The Lib-Dems made the fatal mistake of wrecking the marketplace and putting up an apology for a fountain. At the following local election, they were destroyed.

The Conservatives have just made the fatal mistake of inflicting upon the town a bus station that is far too small, so that many people will have to stand waiting outside in the rain. At the next local election, they too will be destroyed.

The little new bus station may bring a few more customers into the market, which is always welcome, but it will have a dire effect upon some shops in the Grosvenor Centre; particularly those which cater for the less wealthy people who tend to use the buses.

As some of you may know, I have a new film out: FITZY, by Denis Plesca. A superb documentary on the life and times of a market trader, and available in colourful Hi-Definition, just like the Telly! But although it's about me, it's also about the state of markets, here and throughout the country. It can be found here: http://vimeo.com/86772727 and I hope you enjoy it.

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